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CMC (BB4) series

CMC series is magnetic drive single shell segment type single suction multistage horizontal centrifugal pump (standard type code BB4). The bottom of the pump body is supported, and the inlet and outlet directions are pushed in and out. The inner rotor of the pump is supported by adaptive SiC sliding bearings. The axial force is dynamically balanced by the balance plate. The driving end is rolling bearing, oil lubricated. The bearing box can be equipped with a dry gas mechanical seal to form a secondary seal. The pump steering is seen clockwise from the drive end.

DN: 40~200mm
Q: Up to 800m³/h
H: up to 1200m
Design working temperature: ≤-40~120℃
Design working pressure: ≤5.0MPa
Application: general dangerous cleaning liquid

Monitoring instrument
Standard configuration: ●Interlayer pressure monitoring of double-layer isolation sleeve-electric contact pressure gauge or pressure transmitter
Matching: ●Secondary seal liquid level alarm interlocking-tuning fork switch
●Bearing temperature monitoring—thermocouple
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