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Z series

Coverage models: CZA, CZE, CZG, CZY      50HZ

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● The successful selection and design of the magnetic pump depends on detailed operating data. Therefore, prior communication and data confirmation are very importantnecessary.
● The structure of Roland magnetic pump is not limited to the sample. The adaptive design for the actual working conditions may be different from the sample legend.
●The hydraulic performance of the Roland magnetic pump is not limited to the coverage of the medium spectrum in the sample. For those who exceed the range of the type spectrum or have special requirements such as the optimal efficiency point, the necessary cavitation margin, etc. Solve it by choosing other water conservancy models or personalized designs.
●Special project testing according to the standard requirements, issuing calculation books and test reports, etc. Will significantly increase the delivery cycle and cost.
●Magnetic pumps, especially high-power magnetic pumps, usually require a soft start.
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