1.Technical characteristics 

        Based on breakthrough innovative technological achievements, Roland magnetic pump completely solves the technical bottlenecks of conventional unsealed pumps in power loss and high-power drive reliability. It has the quality characteristics of taking into account safety, reliability and efficiency.

        The core technology-high-performance composite insulation sleeve, no eddy current loss when working.

        The key technology-self-adaptive sliding bearing, completely solves the problem of bearing reliability during high-power driving.


2.Second, comparative advantage

       Roland magnetic pump is compared with comparable conventional unsealed pump (magnetic pump or shielded electric pump):

        ●Permanent magnet transmission has no eddy current loss, high-power drive has significant energy-saving effect, and high-power drive has no upper limit

        ●Continuous and stable operation with high reliability

        ●Wide range of application

        Compared with comparable sealed pumps, Roland magnetic pumps:

        ●High security level

        ●The efficiency of the unit when driven by high power is basically the same

        ●High reliability, maintenance-free, and low life-cycle operating cost


3. Target Market

        ●High-power pumping of dangerous chemical liquids

         ●Especially suitable for the pumping of dangerous liquids with low effective cavitation allowance (NPSHr), easy vaporization, easy polymerization, suspended solid particles, etc.


4. Technology boundary

        ●Inlet pressure≤3.5MPa

         ●Permissible working temperature: -200~250℃

         ●Medium viscosity≤200cp


5. Pump type

        Conventional centrifugal pumps have various types, and most of them can be designed as magnetic drives. Roland magnetic pumps will be adapted and personalized according to specific working conditions and requirements.


6. Standard

        Part or all of the implementation of domestic standards "JB/T7742-2013" or API685-2011 "Unsealed magnetic pump for petroleum, heavy chemical and natural gas industries" standards.


Composite material isolation sleeve

Composite material isolation sleeve

Composite material isolation sleeve

Lining isolation sleeve

         The composite insulation sleeve is a resin-based high-performance composite material reinforced by continuous high-strength glass fiber (GF) preforms. The resin includes epoxy resin (EP) and bismaleimide (BMI), etc., and its molding technology has won the national invention patent.

         The performance of the composite material isolation sleeve fully meets the performance requirements of the magnetic pump for the isolation sleeve. Especially the extremely high resistivity, no eddy current loss when working, is the core technological breakthrough to solve the problem of low efficiency of magnetic pump units. Secondly, the Joule heat is not generated during the operation of the composite material isolation sleeve. In principle, the isolation sleeve need not be rinsed and cooled, and the multiple negative effects caused by heat generation and washing are avoided.

Composite material isolation sleeve

Note: In the design of the pump pressure distribution, the isolation sleeve only carries the inlet pressure of the pump, which is basically independent of the working pressure.


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